Healed mothers heal families

Hi! My name is Amy.


Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I’m passionate about helping moms and “moms-to-be” build a solid foundation of health for their families through the nourishing diet tools and guidelines of the Weston A Price diet and holistic living!
Ten years ago, I found myself re-discovering the world of natural health that I grew up in after experiencing a year of debilitating periods while trying to conceive our first child. As I read and researched, I discovered the wisdom of an ancestral diet, conceiving easily with my second child, and was surprised by his health and strong bones even from birth. (The nurses had to weigh him three times to be sure they were reading the scale correctly! His dense bones tipped the scales!) I became passionate about getting my kids to be as healthy as possible through feeding them the best nutrition I could get my hands on.
Healthy Kids
As my children got older, I noticed that not only were they not troubled by modern childhood diseases of today – ADHD, asthma, autism – they actually thrived physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Was my story just a fluke? Did nutrition really play that big of a role in children’s health?
A Nourished Diet Works!
After reading the “Healthy Baby” reports and pictures in the Wise Traditions journals and other testimonials from other moms – who all had the same outcome: when they fed themselves and their children a nutrient-dense, ancestral-based diet, they had calm babies (bye bye colic!) with good jaw structure, healthy teeth, and happy dispositions!

I realized that my kids’ health was not an accident. Nutrition – along with holistic living- is truly a game changer for having healthy kids and a healthy family!
Holistic Wellness
Along with incorporating a nourishing food diet into our family’s life, I also discovered the importance of non-toxic living and eco-friendly living; the dangers of EMF’s; and the value of natural movement, meditation and nature therapy. I slowly made changes in our family’s environment as I learned about them. I love learning and uncovering layer after layer of how natural remedies and lifestyle are key to a healthy life!
When Life Throws You Lemons and God Gives you Lemonade
Over these years, I also learned to overcome numerous personal and family health challenges through natural health: thyroid cancer, anemia and adrenal fatigue. This has given me a sense of compassion as well as passion to help others discover holistic methods to treat their physical and mental illnesses and live life whole.
After years of learning and incorporating a nourished diet and holistic living into my family’s lifestyle, I dreamt of starting a blog to help others the way I’ve been helped! I wanted to teach the practical everyday wellness tools I’ve learned. I call these wellness tools, the “Barefoot in the Grass lifestyle.”
WHAT The “Barefoot in the Grass”
lifestyle LOOKS LIKE
Barefoot in the Grass teaches ‘back-to-earth’ diet & lifestyle principles, specifically aimed at assisting in the prevention of illness & the enjoyment of vibrant health. The “Barefoot in the Grass” lifestyle focuses on::
⸰ The Nourishment of well-being and longevity
⸰ Natural, instead of the toxic.
⸰ Prevention, instead of cures.
⸰ Herbs, instead of medicine.
⸰ Being, instead of performing.
⸰ The slow, instead of the busy.
⸰ The quiet, instead of the noisy.
⸰ The solution, instead of the bandaid.
⸰ A holistic, whole-person
⸰ Being wild and adventurous!
If this LIFESTYLE RESONATES WITH YOU THEN you’re in the right place.