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Learn a Nourishing Diet so you Can Enjoy Vibrant Health!

You do NOT Have to Be Confused About Diet and you CAN Experience Health Freedom!

  • ease of fertility, 
  • a baby with remarkable health, 
  • kids free from modern diseases, 
  • freedom from weight struggles and 
  • freedom from medications since we’ve switched to a WAP diet.  

Thousands of others have similar stories:

“My husband suffered through a random ruptured appendix, ensuing reflux and other gastrointestinal woes. He was told he would just have to deal with the symptoms and depend on medication for the whole year!  I wouldn’t settle for that and searched for answers. We found the Weston A Price foundation diet. We began incorporating things like bone broth, raw milk, ferments, and organ meat into our diet. I also began growing more food so we could guarantee the soil is good. Within just a few months my husband’s symptoms began to gradually fade, until he didn’t have any at all!” (Taylor H.)

“I’ve always struggled with weight. I discovered the diet and have since lost 80 pounds!” (Adreinne)

“Amy has certainly reinforced the principles that have led to our family having a level of health far superior to our peers. We haven’t visited a GP in years, haven’t needed to take antibiotics and now I hardly ever get sick when before I used to almost continuously suffer from various degrees of sinusitis.” E-newsletter subscriber.

“Nourishment Made Simple, Concise Beginner’s Guide” plus FOUR BONUSES:

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  • Steps and Food Choices checklist 
  • Oils and Fats Made Simple guide
  • Food Preparation Techinques checklist 
  • Sweeteners Made Simple guide

Here’s What you’ll Get:

  • Four Powerful Minset Shifts
  • Key Resource Websites
  • What to Look for/ Where to Find It (sources – THIS IS HUGE!)
  • Traditional Food Preparation Techniques including:
    • Bone broth
    • Sourdough bread and Soaked breads
    • Whey
    • Fermented Fruits and Vegetables
    • Fermented Drinks
    • Condiments
    • Cooking with Traditional Fats
    • Liver pate
    • Salad Dressing
    • Soaking Beans and Nuts
  • Two checklists to keep track of your progress
  • Oils, Fats and Sweeteners Guides

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Get Inside “Nourishment Made Simple, Concise Beginner’s Guide”:

  • Learn what a diet is all about.
  • Ten principles to master in order to TRANSFORM your food buying choices.
  • What to look for and WHERE TO SOURCE these nutrient-dense foods.
  • Nine basic traditional food COOKING METHODS.
  • HOW TO IMPLEMENT these changes even with limited time and money.
  • Making this diet your own through the lens of BIOINDIVIDULITY.
  • You’ll learn all about healthy fats on page16
  • You’ll learn all about raw milk on page 12
  • You’ll learn all about fermented fruits and veggies on page 17
  • Don’t forget bone broth on page 18!

Are you looking to:

  • Loose weight?
  • Reduce sugar cravings?
  • Get off medications?
  • Get pregnant easily?
  • Have a beautiful, healthy baby?
  • Reduce the chances of your child having common childhood diseases?
  • Get a healthier gut?
  • Improve your digestion?
  • Get stronger bones?

Here’s WHY I Think I Can Help You:

  • My family has been implementing the a nutrient dense diet based on the Weston A Price principles diet for nearly a decade! (That’s a long time to learn all the in’s and out’s of something!) 
  • I’ve passionately researched and read everything I could get my hands on about a nourished, Weston A Price diet. 
  • My STORY: 
    I experienced a complete turnaround in my 2nd baby’s health after 2 years of eating the WAP way:
    • Ease of fertility
    • 2nd baby had: 
    • Stronger bones
    • Stronger heartbeat
    • No colic
    • Woke up only 1ce or 2ce at night
    • Was a calm, happy baby
    • Was very “sturdy” looking with a large head and wide jaw formation.
    • As he grew we noticed:
    • He was catching onto concepts faster
    • He had a complete lack of childhood diseases such as A.D.H.D., asthma, allergies and autism spetrum.
    • Because his bones were stronger, he would fall off something and not break a bone where other kids had broken a bone by falling off the same thing.
  • I realized that this diet improved SO many aspects of both my kids’ health and my husband and I’s health.

Instead of: 

  • Spending thousands on medications each year
  • Strugging with yo-yo dieting and unhealthy sugar addictions
  • Spending thousands on doctor visits each year
  • Spending years trying to learn what to eat and where to source it
  • Spending years trying to learn how to cook traditional foods

Find vibrant health through a trusted guide and shave years off of learning a new diet lifestyle!!

Now for $15 $11.99! You Also Get These Bonuses:

Bonus #2: Two Checklists to Help you Keep Track of Your Progress:

Value: Save time by keeping everything organized!

How Would It Feel If You Could

  • Not feel like sweets “owned” you anymore, but you “owned” them?
  • Loose those extra pounds you’ve been struggling with?
  • Stop depending on medications that only leave you with annoying and health-damaging side effects?
  • Get pregnant easier and faster?
  • Have babies that didn’t keep you up all.night.long?
  • Have kids that didn’t struggle with A.D.H.D., allergies and other common childhood ailments?

This is why I’m so passionate about sharing and spreading this diet lifestyle FAR AND WIDE!!! You and your family DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER!! You CAN experience HEALTH FREEDOM!

Here’s What People are Saying About Barefoot in the Grass:

“Your work has led me down a track to discover that there are in fact many natural solutions to serious chronic diseases (like cancer, heart disease etc) that one just doesn’t hear about in mainstream medicine.
An e-newsletter subscriber
“Thanks Amy.  I don’t think we would be as far down our journey of health freedom if it wasn’t for Barefoot in the Grass!”
“I have been so educated by you Amy and I feel like I trust you and that is important when it comes to healthy living and information that is the truth.”
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Get the “Nourishment Made Simple, Concise Beginner’s Guide” and the Four Bonuses!

$15 Now $11.99!!

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Trade your doctor’s visit for a farmer’s market visit!”

I’d love to answer any question you have!

Unfortunately, I do not offer a refund at this time. I trust you will enjoy this product and the bonuses. If for any reason, you do not receive the Guide and the Bonuses, send me an email at: amy@barefootinthegrass.org with your order number and I will personally email them to you.

Stay tuned for my Nourishment Made Simple course and book! Find support through my e-newsletter, blog posts and Instagram posts! I’m always available on email at: amy@barefootinthegrass.org.


While I have seen excellent results from the Nourishing Traditional diet, I do not promise any particular health results or cures. I am a health researcher, not a doctor, and the information on this page and in my “Beginner’s Guide” should not replace medical advice when necessary.