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Essential Oil: Guide to Choosing a Brand

If you’ve been anywhere near (or far) from the ‘natural health’ world, you’ve probably come across someone excitedly touting the benefits of essential oils! They

My Kids Talk

You’re not the Only One! Sometimes it just helps to know you’re not the only family whose kids balk at health-based lifestyle choices. While shirking

Top 9 Tips for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is at the core of our body’s inbuilt repair system. Studies show that higher quality sleep improves our memory, helps us lose or stabilize our weight (hormone regulation), and even prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Deep sleep is where our bodies and minds deal with excess energies and process the problems of the day allowing us to feel refreshed and ready to face a new day.

Non-Toxic Cleaners Could Save Your Life

Could regular “store-bought” cleaners be costing you your health? If so, what are some healthier alternatives? The main concept we need to understand is that our bodies are porous. We often think that our skin is impervious to outside toxins and invaders… but it’s not!

Does God Speak Through Nature?

Have you ever experienced God speaking to you through nature? The other evening, I had a transformative experience as I listened to God reveal His

Should Christians Avoid Yoga?

Should Christians avoid yoga? Can a Christian maintain a close walk with the Lord while practicing yoga?My answer is a little more nuanced than a