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The Beginner’s Guide to “Barefoot in the Grass”

Do you want to align your body, spirit and mind to health? It’s time to wake up to wellness!

Imagine for a moment that you’re lying down under a tree looking up at the clouds, not a care or worry in the world and you bury your feet deep into the soft green grass. You never knew you could feel this good. You are radiant! Beaming. Health problems you struggled with are sloughing off effortlessly. Your hair and skin look great. You have more energy than ever. Maybe you’ve become pregnant (if you were trying)! Your mind feels clear, you sleep well at night and breathe easy in the day, knowing you are in sync with God’s plan for your health and that you’re preventing yourself from possible future diseases.

My Story

Ten years ago, I found myself re-discovering the world of natural health that I grew up in after experiencing a year of debilitating periods while trying to conceive our first child. As I read and researched, I discovered the wisdom of a traditional or “real food” diet (which I call a “good soil” diet), conceiving easily with my second child, and was surprised by his health and strong bones even from birth. (The nurses had to weigh him three times!) I became passionate about helping my kids become as healthy as possible and learned about the toxins in my skin care and our home environment. I slowly made changes one at a time. I then faced thyroid cancer, anemia and adrenal fatigue but chose to combine holistic health measures with a steadfast faith in the Lord for healing from all these maladies. I achieved healing without medical intervention! After both my dad and brother faced various cancers over the following three years, I dove deep into studying natural cancer remedies and learned how to lean on the Lord even more through my families’ health challenges. After years of learning, I dreamt of helping others the way I’ve been helped and teach the practical everyday wellness tools I’ve learned.

What is ‘Barefoot in the Grass’?

‘Barefoot in the Grass’ is a preventative wellness lifestyle, blog and community. It’s a holistic health lifestyle specifically geared to take someone through five main healing modalities: diet, nature therapy, a toxin free body and home, natural movement and mediation. So often we think of wellness as “workouts and stringent diets.” It doesn’t have to be! ‘Barefoot in the Grass’ believes that a healthy lifestyle is enjoyable and relaxing! The ‘Barefoot in the Grass’ community and I are here to be your ‘health friend/wellness buddy’ that continually nurtures, motivates and cheers you on into healthier lifestyle practices. As your personal health coach, I aim to make expert wellness research accessible, concise and do-able.

What kind of diet do you/’Barefoot in the Grass’ follow?

I focus on the principles of a “real food,” “clean food” or “traditional foods” diet as outlined in the Weston A Price foundation as well as glean from the Traditional Chinese Medicine diet and several cultural diets such as the French, the Japanese and the “Blue Zones” which are known for their less diseased, good health populations. I focus more on diet principles, food quality, and food preparation techniques and try to avoid getting into the quagmire of various diet fads such as paleo, keto or vegan by promoting balance wherever possible.

Is this a Christian only group?

This is a Christ-centered community with the view to help Christians apply their faith to their wellness journey. However, anyone of any faith is welcome to learn and glean from the health concepts and principles which are applicable to everyone. If you’re a fellow believer like me, I help you invite God into your healing journey by partnering with Him for His guidance on your unique health challenges. I do introduce and encourage eastern wellness modalities such as yoga, qigong, meditation and some “energy” concepts but with a definitively Christian worldview. I hope to pull back the curtain on and bring clarity to these powerful eastern wellness modalities that have been avoided due to faith concerns.

Why does ‘Barefoot in the Grass’ support Christians practicing Eastern wellness modalities such as yoga, qigong and meditation?

Eastern concepts seem very foreign to us in the West, but I think it’s wrong to “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” I am amazed by the wealth of wisdom in Eastern health practices. I believe if they are done with the right heart intention before the Lord and within the right Biblical framework, they are life-giving and healing instead of leading us down a “dark and treacherous hole.”

Where do I Go from Here? ( A List of Links)

Prepare to have fun and gear DOWN (yes, instead of gearing up!) as you easily slip into new restorative routines:

  • Get quality food from the closest local farm(s) you can.
  • Find a balance in your diet.
  • Make your own traditional foods such as sauerkraut, kefir bread, bone broth and kombucha. 
  • Get wifi out of your house and use airplane mode whenever possible! 
  • Get rid of toxic, cancer and disease forming chemicals from your house and personal care products!  
  • Get outside 10-15 minutes a day around midday noon to ground and soak in those youth enhancing, energy giving, Vitamin D rays.
  • Get your feet onto the bare ground.
  • Find a movement routine that works for you.   
  • Discover the “flavor bursting in your mouth, fat-burning, youth enhancing, flavonoid richness” of loose leaf tea.
  • Roll back the years to a smoother, younger and more relaxed looking face through face massage and face yoga.
  • Take regular walks and trips to nature, the forest, the beach.
  • Get wild and adventure into new territory!
  • Mind your mind by quieting your thoughts.
  • Learn how to slow down and enjoy the simple things of life.
  • Find out what makes for a fabulous fertility.
  • Post-natal care and 4th Trimester
  • Feed your baby top nutrition!
  • Get your kids involved in ‘Barefoot Grass’ living!
  • Get your teens involved in ‘Barefoot Grass’ living!
  • Find out how God is directing you in your health journey and partner with Him to find health solutions.                                                                                               

Final Thoughts

I was a workaholic for too many years and my body decided that was not going to pass muster! Work hard? Yes. Get stressed and overwhelmed because I’m trying to do too much? No! The other side of what Barefoot in the Grass is about is finding new ways to relax, slow down, get into a place of renewed trust and restoration. After years of pain, disappointment and failure, God had to bring me into a new understanding of rest and move me to a whole different country that doesn’t prioritize goal setting and a constant rat race as much as my own beloved USA. I learned (and am still learning) about the Dutch concept of “niksen” (“Do Nothing.”) or the Japanese way of “zen”… I learned to “be” more and “do” less…I learned to be positive and have more fun…I learned to enjoy music. I learned to be less pressurized by time and more in tune with people, nature and my wonderful Lord…. I learned to be ‘Barefoot in the Grass.” I invite you to join me!